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Oct 21, 2020

In the next few days, you will make one of the most important decisions of your adult life.  No, it is not who will lead our country – it is who will be the leader of you! Who will be the CEO of your life? 

We have become a society racked by disease – no not COVID – but the disease of entitlement.  The belief that someone else should take care of you, someone else should take care of your health - someone else should take care of your economy  someone else should take care of your education  - someone else should take care of your retirement  - someone else should take care of your wage rate  - someone else should take care of your mental stability  - someone else should take care of your future.  That is plain BS – it is just not how life works. 

You have to do your own pushups, you have to eat right,  you have to get good grades to qualify for the education you want, you have to be good enough to make the team, you have to  deliver the results for the wage you want, you have to grow to get promoted, you have to save an sacrifice to retire with money. 

As soon as you let someone else have the power over your life you sacrifice your own future Someone else is the master of your fate. You give up safety, security and freedom.   

A rich life comes from just one thing – your own ability to take responsibility for and produce results in your own life! 


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