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Sep 25, 2019

Did you grow up rich? If not, the idea that you'll be wealthy and succesful someday can seem almost absurd at times. Let's assume that your parents were good prople who worked hard. If they never saw a lot of financial success, why should you believe that you can do it?

The truth is, however, that even if you're starting with little, there are things you can do early in your life and career—in your 20s and 30s, mostly—that can make it far more likely you'll be very wealthy by the time you hit 40 0r 50. Maybe even worth many millions.

When your read about super wealthy people they boil down their experiences to the common things they did earlier in life to make them rich later in life.This week we will go over the top 20 pieces of advice on the habits and practices that 40-year-old self-made millionaires embraced in their 20s.


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